8ti4-2nfMy name is Cat and I’m a British writer, teacher, researcher, freelance translator, online novel reader, cafe lurker and Chinese Studies graduate.

I started learning about China in a history class and haven’t stopped since. After studying at Tsinghua University in Beijing and completing a Bachelor’s in Chinese Studies, I went on to work in Hefei, a rapidly developing third tier city west of Shanghai. I also write for China news site What’s On Weibo.

This blog covers a range of cultural topics within China and East Asia, including current trending topics, pop culture and literature. As each day in China also brings a new surprise, I thought I’d share that from time to time too. If you have any questions about my research topics, working in China or life in China (as a foreigner), feel free to contact me here or on any of my social media platforms!

*NEW* For 2017 I have set myself the challenge of reading at least ten books or novels a month – that’s quite a lot, right? During these monthly challenges I am of course incorporating works of Chinese literature, books set in China, and research pieces on Asia. You can find some of the books I’m reading by clicking the ‘Books’ tab. Alternatively, I’ll be posting pretty much every book I read to Instagram.






  1. Hi! I’m currently an undergraduate studying Economics and Chinese language! I was wondering how you found your job in China? And if you had any tips for working abroad?


    1. Hi there! Thanks for your question. After I graduated I took a short TEFL course, and found a teaching job via the jobs listed on the TEFL company’s website within a month or so. My best tips would be to do research on where you’d like to go and have clear goals in mind (eg: do you want to learn the local language? Learn more about the culture?), however, it’s also great to be open-minded and try something different. At first I wanted to move back to a big city in China, but I ended up taking a position in a smaller city and it’s been the best decision 🙂 good luck with your studies, let me know if you have any other questions!


  2. Hello, do you still live in China? Really inspirational story. I read your blog on tefl.org.uk as I am about to do a course!


    1. Hi, thanks so much for reading! I’ll be returning to China in May which I’m really excited about. Great to hear you’ll be doing the TEFL course, where are you planning to teach?


  3. Hello, thanks for responding! What will you be doing in China from May? I am moving to Peru after graduating in Law (& Spanish as a separate course) this summer! 😀


    1. Nice! That’ll be so exciting, especially after all that study. It would be great to read about your experience there. I’m going to be an advisor so a little different from teaching, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the future ☺


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