Keeping cool with green bean soup

As the temperature in Hefei has started to creep up to the high thirties, I’ve been on the hunt for ways of keeping cool when I’m not under the direct merciful stream of an air conditioning unit.

Something that was offered to me recently by my colleagues was 绿豆汤 (lǜdòu tāng) – basically ‘green bean soup’. Now prior to this the green bean or green pea soup I have come across in the UK is usually a thick concoction of bacon bits and croutons, with a face-saving amount of green pea. However this particular serving was a more watery consistency without the extra frills.

I was told that the green bean soup is the perfect remedy for staving off any symptoms of heat exhaustion, including fainting. With the sun approaching near-apocalyptic levels of heat, I was ready to try anything.

The taste was naturally watered down, and slightly sweet, but not bad. And if it’s any consolation or endorsement, I didn’t faint. Thanks, China!


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